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The following should be ascertained, before import and export commitment
  • Trade prohibition or restriction.
  • Import or Export Licence (AP, and etc.).
  • Pre-Registration with controlling authorities / agencies.
  • Dangerous Goods.
  • Payment facilities - Documentary credit, BPA or as arranged.

    Custom tariff code
  • For Duties and taxes costing.
  • Eligibility of preferential tariffs e.g. AFTA.

    Taxes, Duties Exemption Eligibility

  • EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF and etc.
  • For dermarcation of seller / buyer responsibilities and risks, freight arrangement and etc.

    Marine Insurance
    Letter of credit (if applicable) - Ensure full compliance
    Shipment mode - Air or Sea freight.
    Basic documents for effective import / export custom clearence :-

  • Invoice
  • Marine Insurance cover for import.
  • Any exemption, preferential tariff treatment, approval and etc. (if applicable).
  • Approval or AP from other government agencies.


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