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Marine Supplies & Warehousing Sdn Bhd
Marine Supplies & Warehousing Sdn. Bhd., a company that has gone through many decades of economic changes. As spelt out in its 30 years business, a company which provides warehousing services - a warehouse for your cargo either for consolidation, distribution or value-adding activities. We have the experience and knowledge to meet your requirements.

We Always Practice As Below:
  • Distribution of Necessary Stock- Out of other responsibilities of supervising the deliveries and pick-ups, the distribution of necessary stock to required places at the right time is of prime importance. This step is often considered as the foundation of efficient Warehouse Management, because inventory not sent on time results in wasted efforts.
  • Inventory Handling Strategies/ Management of Material Flow- InWarehouse Management, it is all about choosing the right strategy for inventory flow. The two main strategies used for this purpose are Put Away Strategy and Picking Strategy. The "Put Away" strategy includes random put away or bulk storage. The Picking Strategy, on the other hand, includes FIFO (first-in-first-out), or SLED (Shelf life expiration date).All these strategies offer but just one benefit: rationalizing the inventory.

    We Do Provide Services As Below:
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Re-Palletize Of Cargo
  • Storage For Import And Export
  • Stuffing And Unstuffing Cargo

    Impi Sari Transport Sdn Bhd
    Impi Sari Transport Sdn Bhd, is a company that provide transportation services around peninsular Malaysia.

    Transportation: Transportation means nothing but the goods are carried from one place to another place. The transportation plays a vital role in importing and exporting goods, products, etc. The goods are manufactured from industries are sent to the transport companies to transport to all over the places whether in same state or different state.

    We do provide transportation arrangement; sent goods to required location, delivery arrangement according to customer requirement.


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