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Bumi Marine Shipping Sdn Bhd has been in operation in Malaysiafor more than 38 years. The company is one of the more established and experienced freight forwarders in Port Klang, which is the country's leading main port. The company started operation as Bumi Marine Services in 1974 and Bumi Marine Shipping Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1981.

The company has built up a reputation of excellence and reliability in the trade, particularly with the customs authorities, port authorities and other governmental departments. The company is totally a Malaysian company of medium size which is best suited to serve our customers with a personal touch and professionalism.

The company is committedto provide a dynamic and efficient service to the clients for all modes of air, sea and road transportation which are fully integrated within the company's total management concept.


Our corporate philosophy can be summed up in a single word: 'Service'. Since the beginning the company has strived not only to provide unparalleled levels of service, but to do so for each and every customer each and every time. To us, everyone is a 'Very Important Client'. Bumi Marine Shipping has been committed to ensuring that this culture of consistently excellent service has become ingrained into all levels and sectors of the company. We do so with the belief that it is service - not price - that keeps clients coming back and we have educates our staff about the importance of always maintaining this high standard.


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